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Kalaripayattu TRAINING

Kalaripayattu includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods.

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Kalaripayattu Exhibition

Exclusive Exhibition of everything that associates with kalaripayattu & introduction of Medicinal Herbs.

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Kalari massage rejuvenates the nervous and muscular system of the body and stimulates blood circulation.

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Kalaripayattu Indian martial arts

Danurveda or indigenous martial art form belongs to one of the 64 art forms existed in Indian Mythology. If we go back to the origin and development of martial art forms in India, We need to go up to ancient stone, age or till the time of man's evolution from apes. Everywhere in the world, martial art in one form or the other existed from the time immemorial. Life and its goal were the key concepts, which were deeply studied in India very ancient time. As per Indian mythology the ultimate aim of human's life, is know the permanent truth of eternal existence of soul or Prana. The God exists in man and it is his choice to realize it. Human being is exclusively different from other animals in terms of his thinking capacity. This ability gives him the power to have opinion on each and every thing around him.

There is a story in connection with the origin of Kalaripayattu in Kerala. Lord siva and his wife Parvathi, during there stay in a dense forest, watched the fight between a furious lion and a gigantic elephant.They observed the fight closely and learned many of the self defense techniques adopted by both the animals. The technique named "Otta" which is so adventurously practiced by the fighter was actually copied by them the fight.Kalaripayattu exists in various forms in Kerala. A few masters are of the opinion that it is natural self defense system in the human being but developed scientifically and practically for the well- being human race. When there is heavy storm and violent cyclone in nature, small trees and plants don't resist, they simply surrender to it. Likewise, a defender simply goes with the wind and never resists, so that he can win in the encounter with strong enemies.

Kalaripayattu is taught in four parts, the first part meythari is aimed physical fitness,muscle control and developing the concentration power. Kolthari is the second part.Training different types of wooden weapons Otta, Muchan, kettukari etc. After this training the student read to move to the next stage Ankathari.this gives him the taste of really dangerous martial arts weapons like the dagger, spear, sword, urumi, and mace. And the beginning they learn to fight with matched weapons. As they develop their skills the guru will encourage them to see how they handle themselves when one has dagging and the other a sword. Most dangerous of all is the urumi. The first time the guru brings it out the students face ples visibly. Urumi is like a sword with flexible blade which when twirled correctly,produce most terrifying sound. Its razor share blade has left its scar on many warriors and if not handled properly, can inflict deep wounds. After he has learned to use the classical weapons, the student has to learn how to do with out them. He begins training in unarmed combat called Verumkai. If he receives the full confidence of his guru,the student is allowed to learn the inner mysteries. finger tricks, Marma adi , The death blows.Same Kalari self defense techniques are mystical in nature. Such tricks can only be learnt from the close association of the master. Its makes the learner heavily dependent on him. This sincere relationship which lasts for life time purifies both to higher level of consciousness. The guru must feel certain that the student never misuse the knowledge.

The basis of martial arts in nothing but flexibility and fast movements of the body with the maintenance of immense attention. This branch of martial arts has been emerged from ancient unrefined mode of fight which turned out to be a method of self purification and way of self realization in later period. In Kalaripayattu , there are thousands of secret self defense techniques, poses, grappling, kickes, jumps and movements which are taught directly by Kalaripayattu master (Gurukkal). Kalaripayattu training is given to disciples through poetic vocal directions( Vaithari). Self defense is the prime motive of learning this Kerala art. The disciple is taught techniques of meditation and principles offering Kalari pooja etc,in due course.

but kalaripayattu is not all violence. Mercifully, it has its gentler aspects. A part of guru's training is in Ayurveda treatment and marma therapy. It originated with the need to tend the wounds of the warriors in battle. Today the guru is the physician, to all the villagers. His skills range from bone-setting to healing internal aliments. he is adept at massage with ayurvedic medicated oils which he prepares with perfect care. Holding on ropes that he suspends from the roof of his kalari, he use his feet to massage the patient, varying the pressure as he thinks fit. Each guru has his own personal book of ayurvedic herbal recipes which he keeps a closely guarded secret, passing it on only when he retires. The preservation of life in the presence of adversity. So Kalaripayattu should be with every martial art.


Kadathanadan Kalari Sangam was established on 1949 at Vadakara, Kerala. The sangam was established by Sreenivasan Gurukkal, Raghavan Gurukkal, Dhamu Gurukkal, Valappil Karunan Gurukkal. Sreenivasan Gurukkal reached in Wayanad in the year of 1962. He started Kadathanadan kalari sangam various areas in Wayanad. His disciple M.A Vijayan Gurukkal was established Kadathanadan kalari sangam at Kammana, Wayanad. Now his desciple K.F Thomas Gurukkal is running the Kadathanadan kalari sangam at Kammana.Inspired from unique training methods, many aspirants from mysore frequently visits our kalari for training sessions and massage treatments and students are greatly enthusiastic for getting trained with us.

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Self defense for women martial arts

This course focuses on efficient self-defense techniques that will help women deal with any dangers that they may encounter in everyday life. It is based on the ancient wisdom of Kalaripayattu and adapted to our modern living environment to create a proven method of self-defense. Women will gain an increased sense of confidence thereby giving them more freedom in their lives. No prior knowledge is required, and women of all ages may benefit from this course. The general daily routine will include 2 hours training in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, but it will always be adapted to the individual student’s capabilities. Accommodation is provided in a secure environment with the family of the master and 3 nutritious, home-cooked meals per day are also included.

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