Our Admirer

Hanshi Tetsuo Takamiyagi

Okinawa shorin ryu karate–do , International Ryu-Kyu Uden Ti association is an authentic style having its head quarters at Okinawa, Japan. Hanshi Tetsuo Takamiyagi (9th Dan) is the International Director of this style.He has developed special training system in body fitness and body shaking exercises. To promote his unique training methods he has visited kadathanadan kalari sangam on 2013, where he has number of trainees and Instructors.He shared his deep and broad knowledge in fighting arts and body fitness training system with our instructors. He is a faculty in speed reading and a motivator by profession. Inspired from his deep knowledge & uique training methods, our visitors and students are greatly enthusiastic for getting trained in his special body fitness and body shaking exercises. You can feel the difference when you train under his training system especially the soft school techniques.