Kalaripayattu is a Kerala’s traditional martial art form, is based on the science of Yoga for its forms an exercises, and its medical treatment are based on the science of Ayurveda.

kadathanadan kalari sangam


Mythology credits Saint Parasurama being the father of Kalaripayattu having learned form God Shiva himself. Kalaripayattu means the fighting art of the Kalari. In ancient South India the Kalari was place of learning for subjects such as Medicine, Philosophy, Astrology, Architecture, and Geometry in addition to combat Art and Yoga.

Another definition is ‘Kalari’ (Battlefield) and ‘Payattu’(Training in the art of combat). Kalaripayattu includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods.

According to Indian history, in India, the practice of martial art made compulsory during the 11th century, which was the period of Chera-Chola war Kalaripayattu become popular during this period itself. In 16th century northern Kerala was a battle field for various wars. The importance of Kalaripayattu is an inspirable one in the ruling and also in historic writings.

There are various Kalari systems such as Nalpatheeradi Kalari, Anpatheeradi Kalari, Pathineteeradi Kalari etc. Were existed. This classification was according both size of Kalari yard. But now there are only two systems exists such as Northern Kalari, Southern Kalari. Kadathanadan Kalari system belongs to northern Kalari system. Kadathanadan Kalari system is very much popular for its peculiar Kalaripayattu practices.Kadathanadu is famous for its Kalari Practice. The peculiarity of Kadathanadan Kalaripayattu practice is based on the “Thanthra Sasthra” (Tactics Science) which is a basic one for all Indian scientific system and ruling.

Kalaripayattu is not only a system for martial arts alone but also a medium for prayer, meditation, personality, mind control, concentration, tact building etc. Kalaripayattu have a different image among other martial art forms in its warm-up system, practise and treatment system. Complete dedication of body and mind, strict discipline, devotion etc. are very essential for practicing Kalaripayattu. Over and above a holistic”Gurushishya Bandam”(Teacher Student Relation) exists in Kalaripayattu system.