Kalaripayattu Training

5 Day Kalaripayattu Training/Yoga Retreat Package

Special Kalaripayattu training package
-1 hour morning yoga practice followed immediately by 1 1/2 hour kalaripayattu training
-2 hour kalaripayattu training only in the evening
As 5 days is not enough to cover the vast amount of kalaripayattu skills, emphasis will be placed upon special self defense techniques such as blocks, joint locks, and fighting strategy(tricks) to give the student the best chance to protect themselves with a minimum amount of training.

After the morning program, the group will visit local tourist areas such as Pazhassi Raja Tomb, Banasura Dam, and Pookote Lake to name a few. Other options include a visit to a local Kerala agricultural village, where you may observe first hand the myriad types of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that are grown in this region and the practices used by the farmers to produce and harvest them. There is also opportunity to take part in local community events like seasonal festivals and family programs
(One Kalari traditional massage is given free of charge to each guest. After this a charge will be applied).

Kalari training in Kerala

14 Day Kalaripayattu Basic Techniques Training Package

This course is the same as the 5 day course with the exception of the introduction of Maypayattu(similar to the katas or forms of Japanese karate) wooden weapons are also included. Morning begins with optional 1 hour yoga session followed directly with 1 1/2 – 2 hour (depending on student’s capacity) Kalaripayattu training and 2 hours of kalaripayattu in the evening.

At this time the muchan(short stick) and kettukari (long stick) fighting skills are introduced. These skills are practiced with a training partner. Kettukari rotational techniques are also shown and are practiced without a partner.
(Excursions and day trips to the local tourist spots will be an additional charge in the 14 day program)

30 Day Advanced Kalaripayattu Techniques Training Package

The daily routine follows the same pattern as the 5 day and 14 day programs. 1 and 1/2 hours Kalaripayattu in the morning (yoga classes optional) and 2 hours Kalaripayattu in the evening. No yoga in the evening portion. The 30 day program will also include advanced muchan and kettukari training which will go beyond basic techniques and introduce the Maypayattu(forms) for these weapons. .The other weapons of Kalaripayattu such as Otta, shield and sword, dagger may be taught if the student so chooses and their skill level is adequate.They are taught at the discretion of the Master and depending on the physical and mental capabilities of the students.

Kalaripayattu training academy

30 Day Plus Advanced Kalaripayattu Techniques Program

This program is designed to allow the student to continue his training indefinitely after the completion of the 30 day program. It will follow the same routine of morning and evening classes.
The 30 day plus program will give the student the opportunity to learn more advanced maypayattu(forms) for the weapons they have already practised as well as the chance to learn the use of the remaining weapons in the art of Kalaripayattu.

The above explains the four Kalarippayattu training sessions that allow anyone to easily learn Kalaripayattu through our different courses.Two hours practicing in the morning and two hours in the evening along with regular practitioners. While practicing in the Kalari yard trainees can wear suitable sports clothing. At the time of practice, the trainees have to apply Kalari medicinal oil all over the body according to the Kalari training custom

These programs condense this vast amount of information into a 30 days or more to make it accessible to the average person. No prior martial art experience is necessary . The programs are developed with a scientific progression to enable the student to absorb the material in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Kalaripayattu : “The Mathor of all martial arts”

Kalarippayattu one of the martial arts, consist of four major parts of training. Kolthari, Meithari, Angathari, Verumkai (Free Hand) are the main four sessions.


In this session of Kalarippayattu, trainees use their hands and legs instead of weapons. In Meithari, the trainee practices with the legs in two different styles: Valmpiri and Edampiri. Also they practice jumping styles such as Malarnnuchattam, Chavittipongal and Thirinjuchattam. Students can obtain maximum physical fitness and flexibility by doing Nilavittumarichilukal and some other steps (Chuvadukal). It includes 12 different types of physical exercise.


In Kolthari session the trainee learns to use wooden sticks with different lengths. Students use 9 chaan length stick in “Kettukari” and 3 chaan length stick in “Cheruvadi” for attacking and defending in Kolthari Fighting. “Otta” is elephant ivory shaped stick it’s also included in kolthari in the same way as in Kettukari and Cheruvadi.


In this session, the trainee uses Sharp metal weapons like Kuntham (lance), Urumi, Sword, and different types of daggers for attacking and defending in Angathari session.


After Angathari (Weapon Session) well trained disciples can use this technique to overcome an opponent without weapon. Verumkai (Free Hand) includes Adi, Thadavu, Ozhivu, Pidutham, Poottu, Earu, Eduthadi and Marmma techniques.