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Kalari Massage Therapy is originated in northern Kerala as a scientific system to strengthen a warrior physically and mentally in order to face any kind of difficulties. This massage with herbal oils is applied according to a person’s body structure and nerve points in order to enhance mind-strength, joy, physical capability, health and flexibility of muscles by stimulating nerves and nerve points with herbal oils. This ancient system of Kalari Massage passed on through generations is still perfectly used in kadathanadan kalari.

Kalari massage Therapy is practiced by the integration of nerve centers with six fundamental points on the body, five primary elements of the earth, thridoshas, anatomy and physiology of a person. Late.Sreenivasan Gurukkal very effectively developed this age old science to use it as a remedy for life-style diseases, body pain and liberation of self from confusion and mind disorder.This massage before any kind of Ayurveda or Kalari treatment enables the body to develop its self-reacting mechanism.


  • Chavittithirummu
  • 1 day Chavittithirummu
  • 3 days Chavittithirummu ( massage )
  • 7 days Chavittithirummu ( massage )
  • 7 days Chavittithirummu+ Ilakkizhi ( massage )
  • 7 days Chavittithirummu + Ilakkizhi +Podikkizhi ( massage )
  • 9 days Chavittithirummu+ Ilakkizhi+ Podikkizhi+ Navarakkizhi( massage )


  • Kai thirummu
  • 1 day Kai thirummu
  • 3 days Kai thirummu ( massage )
  • 7 days Kai thirummu ( massage )
  • 7 days Kai thirummu+ Ilakkizhi ( massage )
  • 7 days Kai thirummu + Ilakkizhi +Podikkizhi ( massage )
  • 9 days Kai thirummu+ Ilakkizhi+ Podikkizhi+ Navarakkizhi( massage )