Kalaripayattu shows | Cultural programs

Kalaripayattu Exhibition

We provide Kalaripayattu demonstrations for various types of events, for example as a stage show, a celebration, a cultural awareness program or any other event where a beautiful combination of art, movement and martial arts would be appreciated. Usually, a 30 minute event is performed although shows of longer duration can be accommodated, including various types of Maypayattu (traditional movement forms) and weapons skill displays
Through our shows, our goal is to introduce the ” Mother of all Martial Arts” called Kalaripayattu, to people all over the world

Combination Programs

We are proud to provide traditional Indian dance and art form demonstrations/shows combined with Kalaripayattu for those interested in learning more about Indian movement culture. These traditional art forms are performed simultaneously with Kalaripayattu to create a richer, more dynamic viewing experience. These shows are a minimum of 30 minutes and up to 120 minutes in duration depending on the combination of art forms desired. Among the art forms/dances available are the following:


Bharatanatyam a classical dance form of Tamil Nadu. Normally performed by a single woman to express religious and spiritual themes of the South Indian region


Kathakali- a classical dance form of Kerala, India. Using dance to express Indian folklore traditionally performed by male dancer/actors. It can be distinguished from other art forms by beautifully detailed and colorful costumes, make-up and elaborate face masks.


Mohiniyattam- another classical dance form of Kerala, demonstrates a more gentle, graceful and flowing feminine style, often accompanied by singing in a mix of Malayalam and Sanskrit languages.


Theyyam- a very popular ritual dance form of Kerala used to honor and worship the region’s heroes and ancestral spirit’s. Identifiable by it’s unique make-up, costumes and mime-like choreography Traditionally performed in front of the village shrine,groves and local homes

Contact us if you are interested in having this program as part of an event, stage shows, celebration, cultural program etc.