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Unveiling The Ancient Art: Kalaripayattu Shows At Kadathanadan Kalari Sagam

Embracing Tradition in Wayanad’s Cultural Hub

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Wayanad, Kerala, as Kadathanadan Kalari Sagam opens its doors to showcase the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu. The school welcomes diverse groups, including school and college students, as well as other tourist groups, to witness and partake in the captivating world of Kalaripayattu.

Architectural Splendor: Kerala’s Traditional Touch

Experience the art of Kalaripayattu surrounded by the authentic ambiance of a traditional Kerala-style building. The architecture reflects the historical grandeur of the region, enhancing the immersive journey into the roots of this ancient martial art.

Daily Delights: Kalaripayattu Shows for Culture Enthusiasts

For culture lovers, Kadathanadan Kalari Sagam has introduced daily Kalaripayattu shows, providing a spectacular opportunity to witness the grace and power of this unique fighting art. The performances go beyond mere demonstrations, offering a dynamic display of incredible moves and traditional exercises.

A Kaleidoscope of Skills: Diverse Kalaripayattu Performances

Attendees at the Kalaripayattu shows can expect a dazzling array of performances, from short stick fights to intense battles with long sticks. Sword fighting, urumi (flexible sword) performances, bare hand vs. knife fights, dagger duels, and more will unfold, showcasing the versatility and depth of Kalaripayattu.

Heart-Pounding Amazement: Witnessing the Students in Action

The real magic lies in watching dedicated students bring Kalaripayattu to life. With incredible skill and precision, practitioners engage in moves and combats that will leave your heart pounding with amazement. The sheer dedication and centuries-old techniques create an unforgettable spectacle.

National Allure: Kalaripayattu Draws Crowds from Across India

Wayanad’s status as a tourist hub ensures a steady stream of interest from across India. Kalaripayattu enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike make their way to Kadathanadan Kalari Sagam to witness the mesmerizing performances, adding a national allure to this cultural gem.

Prebooking for Group Shows: Secure Your Spot

With the growing popularity of Kalaripayattu shows, especially for groups, prebooking is recommended to ensure your spot. Be it a school outing, college excursion, or a gathering of culture enthusiasts, securing your reservation allows you to delve into the world of Kalaripayattu seamlessly.

Plan Your Visit: A Kalaripayattu Experience in Wayanad

If you find yourself in Wayanad, make sure to attend the Kalaripayattu show at Kadathanadan Kalari Sagam. It’s not just a performance; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of a traditional art form that continues to captivate audiences nationwide.

Ayurveda, Marma Treatment & Kalari Massage

We follow an authentic traditional system with Ayurveda, Marma treatment, and Kalari massage. Almost every day, different people come to get the massage – some of them come out of interest, while others come when they are facing some problem with their body and are seeking massage as a remedy to their condition. We provide daily massage services too.

Kalari school is also built in full traditional style, keeping Vastu shastra in mind for every single decision and measurement.

We also provide medicinal oil that people can purchase to apply to their body at the convenience of their home.

Tourist places near the Kalari school

Our school is located in the town of Manathavady. There are many tourist places which are close to our school:

  • Pazhassi Tomb Museum, situated on the banks of River Kabani, is just 6 kms away
  • Valliyoorkavu Bhagavathi Temple, a temple for Goddess Durga, is 1 km away
  • Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, where safari ride is available, is 26 kms far
  • Banasura Dam also known as Kuttiyadi Augmentation Main Earthen Dam is 21 kms away from the school
  • Kuruvadweep translating to Kuruva Island is 13 kms away from school
  • Thirunelli Mahavishnu temple famous as a place where devotees perform ancestral rites on the banks of the Papanasini, which flows down the Brahmagiri hills is 26 kms away

So next time, you are at any of these places, remember that you can give our Kalari school a visit and enjoy some of the mesmerising performances.

The aim of our school is to promote the traditional martial art Kalaripyayattu, to spread it to the world and to develop this art.

If you are interested in attending a Kalaripayattu show or in a massage, you can book it in advance by a phone call or pinging us on WhatsApp @ 8547308180. Daily shows are available only in the evening, and is only available on prior booking.

We are waiting to welcome you on your next visit to Wayanad /\

Kalaripayattu show

Kalaripayattu Exhibition

We provide Kalaripayattu show & demonstrations for various types of events, for example as a stage show, a celebration, a cultural awareness program or any other event where a beautiful combination of art, movement and martial arts would be appreciated. Usually, a 30 minute event is performed although shows of longer duration can be accommodated, including various types of Maypayattu (traditional movement forms) and weapons skill displays
Through our shows, our goal is to introduce the ” Mother of all Martial Arts” called Kalaripayattu, to people all over the world

Kalaripayattu Shows For Schools and Colleges

Kadathanadan Kalari Sangam is constantly seeking to inspire a new generation of students to take up the sport. Students at schools and colleges always enjoy watching members of the Sangam perform. They will also learn a thing or two about an ancient Indian tradition. The Kalaripayattu performers will usually be in school or college themselves – we try to use student who are the same age as the audience. 

Kalaripayattu  stage shows


There are countless numbers of festivals that occur across India for a huge variety of reasons and causes. Whether a festival is held at a church, temple or any other community hub a Kalaripayattu demonstration is will provide just the right combination of tradition and excitement to make the occasion a memorable one.

Kalaripayattu Shows in Resorts and Villas

Impress guests at your resort or villa by providing an authentic taste of traditional Kerala. Tourists from outside Kerala or India will be amazed by a live demonstration of India’s ancient martial art. Along with the demonstration the shows can also include educational commentary to teach the audience about the history of Kalaripayattu and its weapons 

Kalaripayattu Shows in the Sangam

For schools or groups of tourists visiting the local area in Wayanad we are more than happy to put on shows in our own Kalari. The show will include live Kalaripayattu demonstrations as well as some educational comments from the masters. 

Bharatanatyam dance with Kalaripayattu shows


Bharathanatyam is a classical from of Indian dance that originated hundreds of years ago in Tamil Nadu. The dance is famed for its unique style that involves a fixed upper body and bent legs that perform hypnotically fast footwork to fast paced music. The dancer also performs a dance with the hands as they tell a story with complex gestures and sign language.

At your request a live performance of Bharathanatyam can be arranged to accompany one of our Kalaripayattu shows. 

At your request a live performance of Bharathanatyam can be arranged to accompany one of our Kalaripayattu shows. 


Kadhakali is a traditional South Indian art form that is heavily influenced by Kalaripayattu. A performance resembles a rare combination of Kalaripayattu and Natishastra (classical Indian dance) and many Kalaripayattu movements can be seen in the routines. Specifically kicks, stretches bends and somersaults from Maipayattu and the sword and shield fighting are instantly recognisable aspects of Kalaripayattu that appear in Kadhakali.

A Kadhkali performance – lasting a minimum of twenty minutes – can be arranged on request to be performed at one of our Kalaripayattu shows.


Originating well over a thousand years ago the Mohiniyattam is an important part of Kerala’s cultural history. Mohini is the name of a female avatar of Vishnu in Hindu mythology. She is sometimes known as ‘the seductress’. An attam is a Kerala dance and so Mohiniyattam means dance of the seductress. It is a solo dance routine performed by a female, often in a temple or at a religious festival. 

A Mohiniyattam can be arranged on request to be performed alongside our Kalaripayattu shows.


Dating back to around 200 AD Kuchipudi is a traditional South Indian dramatic dance performance that never ceases to impress its audience. Traditionally the routines were performed by an all male cast, even the female roles were played by men in make-up and dresses. Today, however, women participate just as frequently as men. 

A Kuchipudi performance is a fantastic accompaniment to a Kalaripayattu demonstration. One can be arrange upon request. 

Kerala Natanam

Kerala Nathanam is a relatively new strain of dancing style that originated in Kerala as an evolution from Kathakali. The dances involve costumed performers who put an emphasis on fluid body movements, hand gestures and exaggerated facial expressions. 

Kerala Natanam performances can be arranged on request to accompany our Kalaripayattu shows.


A Theyyam is an artistic performance that could be described as a mix between dance and Kalaripayattu. Usually it is performed at temples and its participants dress up and pretend to be the gods and goddesses of the hosting temple. Accompanied by a chendra (a traditional Kerala drum that, legend says, is impossible not to dance to if heard) the costumed performers dance while holding weapons of the Kalari. Swords, shields, spears and urumi are often used. 

A twenty to thirty minute Theyyam performance can be arranged on request to accompany one of our Kalaripayattu shows.

theyyam Kerala art

Contact us if you are interested in having this program as part of an event, stage shows, celebration, cultural program etc.

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