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Weight loss with Kalaripayattu

Weight loss with Kalaripayattu

With its lethal combination of cardio exercises and flexibility drills Kalaripayattu is an excellent weight loss activity. With a seemingly endless number of fast paced routines involving kicks, punches, jumps, squats and stretches it might be seen as a form of anaerobic yoga. Every muscle in the body is worked over a training session and the heart rate is kept elevated for extended periods of time. Further to the training, the lifestyle that surrounds Kalaripayattu supplements the weight loss that is already brought about by intense physical activity. This includes yoga, Ayurvedic medicines and massages, naturopathy healing techniques and the spiritually liberating yogic diet. All of these, combined with some determination and grit, will lead to fast, noticeable weight loss results.

Available weight loss courses

All of the following weight loss programs are located in the stunning district of Wayanad, Kerala, in the wonderful home of Thomas Gurukkal. All those who join the course will have the added benefit of experiencing the beautiful lifestyle of a rural Keralan household. The following courses are available:

30 day weight loss program

60 day weight loss program

90 day weight loss program

All weight loss programs can be tailored to suit the individual based on their unique needs. They will consist of combinations of the following six steps: 

Step 1 – Kalaripayattu training

Four hours of training per day is the optimum amount to maximise weight loss without causing exhaustion – two hours in the morning and a further two in the evening. The training consists of many high energy routines that incorporate kicks, punches, squats and jumps as well as blocks, grapples and throws. Some routines are purely based on stretches and resemble yoga routines but performed at a much higher speed requiring quick bursts of energy. The variety of the routines ensures that every muscles in the body is stretched and exercised – from neck to feet every inch of the body is utilised. This rigorous training regime not only encourages quick weight loss – through excessive sweating and fat burning – it also builds muscle encouraging a lean and limber but strong body structure. Flexibility and stamina will also be increased.

Step 2 – Yoga weight loss stretches

Yoga is an excellent activity to do in addition to Kalaripayattu training. Its aim of improving flexibility and mindfulness makes it a perfect compliment to Kalaripayattu. A one hour session of yoga before Kalari training loosens up the muscles and enables a greater degree of flexibility and vigour to be exercised in the Kalari afterwards. Using the two together accelerates the progress in both and greatly increases the potential for weight loss. Find more information on this topic here. 

Step 3 – Ayurvedic weight reduction medicine

This ancient branch of traditional Indian medicine has been used in conjuncture with Kalaripayattu for centuries, amplifying the benefits of Kalari training including increased stamina and weight loss. The ingestion of special hand picked medicinal plants can aid in the body’s digestion processes and remove unwanted toxins from the gut and digestive tract. This will limit the amount of weight taken on from food and, if used to compliment the physical exercise of Kalari training, will encourage weight reduction. 

Step 4 – Naturopathy 

Naturopathy utilises all natural healing techniques and dietary habits to cleanse the body and aid in weight loss. Using a combination of raw leaves and blended organic juices, the digestive system is returned to functioning like that of our hunter gatherer ancestors and is allowed to operate as it has evolved to do. This furthers the effects of Ayurvedic medicine and helps to remove toxins from the body. When applied as a supplement to Kalaripayattu, the rate of weight loss is increased. 

Step 5 – The Yogic diet

weight loss with Kalari and Yoga

This step is arguably the most difficult of them all but will result in the highest amount of weight loss. Following the ancient and extremely effective yogic diet involves requires a great amount of determination. The philosophy of the Yogic diet is as much spiritual as it is nutritional and it essentially encourages eating only small amounts of plant based, preferably uncooked, food whilst maintaining a regular meditation routine. The raw vegan diet will remove all poisons and toxins from the body and energise it a surprising amount. Any reduction in energy from the change in diet is made up for by the meditation and mindfulness. If one exercises their spirituality through meditation it will increase their ability to absorb prana – the universal energy. Those who have rigidly stuck to the yogic diet for years and have successfully aligned their spirit with the energy of the universe need only one meal per day, the rest of their daily energy is extracted from the air around them, much like a plant taking energy from sunlight. This diet will undoubtedly result in weight loss especially if followed alongside the Kalari training routine. 

Step 6 – Recreational walking and cycling

Students at our school may wish to keep active during the day between the morning and evening training sessions. An excellent way of doing this is to explore the local area – villages, temples and riverbanks – on foot or on a bike. This may not be the most aggressive weight reduction method but every little helps!

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