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In “Kalari” Indian martial arts, emphasis is placed on making the body more stable and flexible as a foundation for more difficult practices .

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Thomas Gurukkal and his family are incredible hosts. The name of the school is Kadathanadan Kalari Sangam ( Indian martial arts school ) and its located in Wayanad, Kerala. They are warm and welcoming and I have never felt astray in their presence. The food here is amazing and extremely nutritious. Everything was taken care for me, from my stay to my food. The room and the bathrooms are clean since they are cleaned every week. Thomas even took us on an excursion to a temple in the forest as well as a wildlife safari.

Thomas Gurukkal and the other masters know the human body and its ailments through and thtough, He also know the Marma points. The training sessions are held twice a day. Since I am a beginner, I had to take things slow intitially. Thomas Gurukkal catered to my fitness level and adjusted the training sessions accordingly. As time passed by, I became more flexible and stronger. My stamina increased as well. It was easy to follow through the training since Thomas Gurukkal explained and demonstrated the exercises well. I play basketball for my university team and the strength and conditioning exercises are significantly different from Kalaripayattu. In Kalari, emphasis is placed on making the body more stable and flexible as a foundation for more difficult practices. I am going to incorporate some of the exercises from Kalari in my Basketball routine for a more holistic training session.
The training ground is surrounded by a mini forest. Ayurvedic herbs, Cocoa , Jack fruit, coffee , chickoo are some of the trees that grow in the area. I ate a lot of Jackfruit in Thomas’s house. This region in Kerala is blessed with thick vegetation and a cool climate. There are convenience stores and restaurants near by. Apart from the Kalari training, the place serves as a detox from city life.

Elton Ray Coelho | Dubai

Amazing Experience Learning Martial Arts in Kerala

I want to thank you for putting so much effort into the training of all of your students, myself included, and thank you for looking after me whilst teaching me Kalaripayattu. I loved training with you and I am already looking forward to a moment in the future when I can return to your lovely home to train for an even longer period of time. I hope all of your work and amazing efforts take you to the right path. You are a truly great man and it was lovely meeting you as well as your wonderful family and other students!
Zain Meer | New Delhi

Indian Martial Arts Training

I recommend this Indian martial arts training school 100% i am very pleased

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My experience in Thoma’s School has been truly amazing. In the state of Kerala South-west India, there is a region called Wayanad in the north of Kerala. Thomas picked me up from Calicut airport which is about 120km from his house in wayanad. to get there we had to drive up huge mountains of beautiful lush jungle. Thomas and his family were very friendly and welcoming. Kalaripayattu is the mother of all martial arts.. it is truly amazing. I have learned many new skills and my fitness, strength,stamina, balance, body and mind focus and coordination have all improved significantly.

Thomas is a very good teacher and he is a great master with over 20 years of experience in the martial arts, ayurvedic holistic medicine and massage. he is very wise and knows a lot about the science and anatomy of the body and how energy works.
The food is delicious and very nutritious which is great after intense training. there house is located all around lush vegetation all types of fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, spices and all types of plants with medicine properties which are all really interesting to learn about. also they have dogs, goats, horses,buffalos and cows who are all amazing to spend time with if you enjoy being with animals. i was also very happy with the room i was provided with, i had plenty of space and it was very clean. Pranav and Sachu are Thomas’s children who are really cool very well mannered and are really good at martial arts! and are very fun to play with! they motivate me a lot to train harder.
i have learned very good unarmed defense and attack skills, short stick and long stick (staff) skills which are mind blowing. i am very happy how fast i learned thanks to Thomas way of teaching was very effective and clear, his English was very good and i never had a problem with understanding each other.
i recommend this Indian martial arts training school 100% i am very pleased and i will be back again with my girlfriend. as now i feel part of the family and absolutely love his place!
John Fuster | Spain