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Reconnect with the Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy, also known as prana, ch’i, life energy or light, essentially refers to That which sustains all of life – the primary source of energy. We may be able to survive without food for several days, without drinking for some days and even without breathing for a few minutes, but without the cosmic energy we cannot survive for even one second. If we can draw more energy from this place, then we do not need to eat as much food anymore. When we eat less food, the body is less pre-occupied with digesting and can therefore release the toxins that have been accumulated. This is not a new concept, but an ancient wisdom that was well understood and practiced by the rishis and yogis of India and saints from around the world.

It is important to understand that this method is very different from fasting, as the emphasis is placed on always listening to your body and eating enough. Over time the body will then naturally need less food to sustain itself and no hunger will be felt, i.e. this is not a state of starving. This process is supported by strictly avoiding the consumption of drugs, alcohol, coffee, tea, and refined sugar and instead eating a wholesome plant-based diet. The exact food given, will depend on each person’s individual constitution.

In addition to changing the diet, this transformation process will be supported through pranayama meditation, yoga, and kalarippayattu practice.

The benefits of following this program include a stronger immune system, better endurance, more flexibility, higher concentration power, weight-loss, and a calm mind.

When undertaking such a journey it is important to follow the guidance of a teacher, as he will be able to provide advice when various challenges arise. Even after the completion of the 6-month course, the student will be supported through continued guidance.

Accommodation will be provided in a beautiful natural environment with many attractive sights to visit in the surrounding areas. The student will become part of everyday family life and have the chance to enjoy the company of horses and other animals, many fruit trees, various spices and a vegetable garden.

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